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1girl 339[+][-]
long hair 248[+][-]
long sleeves 198[+][-]
blue eyes 186[+][-]
very long hair 144[+][-]
skirt 143[+][-]
blue hair 135[+][-]
twintails 127[+][-]
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1girl apparel:collared_shirt apparel:detached_sleeves apparel:hair_ornament apparel:headset apparel:long_sleeves apparel:necktie apparel:pleated_skirt apparel:short_skirt apparel:skirt artist:max3th bangs bare_shoulders blue_eyes blue_hair character:hatsune_miku collarbone copyright:vocaloid dutch_angle long_hair open_mouth pink_background sakura_petals sidelocks smiling twintails very_long_hair // 1920x1080 // 294.4KB


hair near the front of the head draped over the forehead. usually cut shorter than the rest of the hair.
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1girl apparel:earrings apparel:hair_flower apparel:hair_tie apparel:hat apparel:sundress apparel:sunhat artist:tokkyu bangs bare_shoulders black_hair blush braid copyright:original depth_of_field fangs long_hair object:sunglasses ocean outdoors purple_eyes reflection sitting smiling summer sun-dappled sunlit teeth // 1000x1475 // 1.5MB 4girls apparel:bracelet apparel:glasses apparel:hair_bow apparel:sunhat apparel:swimsuit artist:RA bangs bare_shoulders beach bow braid brown_hair captioned chromatic_aberration closed_eyes copyright:original depth_of_field frame holding_object long_hair midriff necklace object:ball object:beachball object:innertube object:lantern object:sunhat object:tent ocean open_mouth outdoors polka_dots red_hair sunlit tummy twintails very_long_hair // 3500x1964 // 3.9MB 1girl apparel:dress apparel:hair_band apparel:hair_bow apparel:sundress artist:u2hara bangs bare_shoulders beach blonde_hair bloom blue_eyes bow character:kagamine_rin collarbone copyright:vocaloid depth_of_field dress_lift dutch_angle lens_flare meta:archived_source ocean open_mouth outdoors short_hair smiling strap_slip sunlit teeth // 1200x1500 // 141.7KB 1girl apparel:detached_sleeves apparel:dress apparel:earrings apparel:frilled_collar apparel:frilled_dress apparel:frilled_sleeves apparel:hair_ornament apparel:hair_ribbon apparel:long_sleeves artist:StarLime bangs bare_shoulders blue_nails bow butterfly character:uruha_rushia copyright:hololive double_bun green_hair lying on_back open_mouth painted_nails short_hair sparkle sunlit underwater vtuber water wet // 2854x4206 // 8.0MB 1girl apparel:swimsuit artist:salmon88 bangs bare_shoulders barefoot blue_eyes blue_hair bubbles caustics character:gawr_gura copyright:hololive depth_of_field god_rays midriff multicolored_hair ocean open_mouth outdoors shark_tail sharp_teeth smiling sunlit teeth underwater upside-down vtuber white_hair // 1925x2905 // 2.5MB 1girl ahoge apparel:bracelet apparel:hair_ribbon apparel:sunglasses apparel:swimsuit artist:QYS3 bangs beach blue_eyes blue_hair bow character:hatsune_miku collarbone copyright:vocaloid long_hair lying midriff on_back outdoors sidelocks signed smiling stripes sunlit tummy twintails very_long_hair // 1400x880 // 1.1MB 1girl apparel:bloomers apparel:bowtie apparel:collared_shirt apparel:dress apparel:frilled_sleeves apparel:hair_bow apparel:short_sleeves artist:428clv bangs blue_eyes blue_hair bow bubbles character:cirno copyright:touhou dress_lift frills ice_wings short_hair underwater water wings // 974x1534 // 627.6KB 1girl apparel:bracelet apparel:hair_flower apparel:hair_ornament apparel:halterneck apparel:swimsuit artist:yukisanada000 bangs bare_shoulders blue_eyes blue_hair blue_nails bow character:hatsune_miku collarbone copyright:vocaloid frills long_hair midriff object:innertube ocean open_mouth outdoors painted_nails sidelocks smiling stripes teeth tummy twintails very_long_hair water water_drop // 868x1228 // 1.1MB 1girl ahoge apparel:neckerchief apparel:pleated_skirt apparel:sailor_collar apparel:serafuku apparel:short_sleeves apparel:skirt apparel:uniform artist:mochitsuki_usa bangs barefoot beach bloom blush brown_eyes brown_hair copyright:original dutch_angle heart lens_flare long_hair ocean open_mouth outdoors smiling sparkle squatting swept_bangs water windswept_hair // 1608x2264 // 2.2MB 1girl ahoge apparel:choker apparel:detached_sleeves apparel:dress apparel:frilled_dress apparel:hair_band apparel:hair_flower apparel:hair_ornament apparel:hair_ribbon apparel:short_sleeves artist:redpower bangs bare_shoulders blue_eyes blue_hair bow character:hatsune_miku chromatic_aberration cloudy_sky collarbone copyright:vocaloid depth_of_field frame frills holding_hair lens_flare long_hair ocean outdoors parted_lips ribbon sparkle sunlit tongue_out twintails very_long_hair water // 1920x1080 // 849.0KB 1girl apparel:earrings apparel:hair_bow apparel:hair_ribbon apparel:halterneck apparel:swimsuit artist:ninniku_mashimashi bangs bare_shoulders blue_hair character:uruha_rushia collarbone copyright:hololive double_bun fangs gradient_hair green_hair midriff object:innertube red_eyes short_hair sidelocks skin_fang smiling tilted_head tummy vtuber water water_drop wet // 1824x3000 // 5.3MB 1girl apparel:hair_ribbon apparel:neckerchief apparel:pleated_skirt apparel:sailor_collar apparel:serafuku apparel:short_skirt apparel:short_sleeves apparel:skirt apparel:uniform artist:kongzao bangs beach blue_eyes blue_hair character:hatsune_miku cloudy_sky collarbone copyright:vocaloid holding_object long_hair midriff object:camera ocean open_mouth sidelocks skirt_lift smiling sunlit twintails very_long_hair water windswept_hair // 2000x1125 // 2.1MB 3girls apparel:hoodie apparel:short_shorts apparel:short_sleeves apparel:shorts apparel:t-shirt artist:hamunezuko bangs barefoot beach blue_eyes blush brown_hair cloudy_sky copyright:original dusk long_hair ocean open_mouth outdoors short_hair smiling starry_sky sunset teeth twilight twintails water // 2984x1836 // 1.2MB 1girl apparel:frilled_dress apparel:hat apparel:jester_cap apparel:long_sleeves apparel:tights artist:nikorashi-ka bangs blonde_hair character:clownpiece copyright:touhou frills holding_object long_hair object:torch red_eyes stars_and_stripes very_long_hair // 1600x2400 // 331.2KB 1girl apparel:long_sleeves apparel:neckerchief apparel:sailor_collar apparel:serafuku apparel:uniform artist:mifuru bangs black_eyes black_hair copyright:original ocean outdoors short_hair smiling twilight water // 2189x3366 // 14.1MB 1girl apparel:long_sleeves apparel:skirt apparel:tights artist:tochichima bangs closed_eyes copyright:original dawn depth_of_field long_hair object:bicycle outdoors starry_sky sunrise water // 4694x2640 // 25.5MB 1girl apparel:long_sleeves apparel:neckerchief apparel:sailor_collar apparel:serafuku apparel:skirt apparel:uniform artist:mifuru bangs brown_hair closed_eyes copyright:original dawn dutch_angle lens_flare mole mole_under_eye outdoors short_hair smiling starry_sky sunrise // 2498x1415 // 6.6MB 1girl apparel:long_sleeves apparel:sailor_collar apparel:serafuku apparel:uniform artist:mifuru bangs blue_eyes brown_hair copyright:original dawn dutch_angle lens_flare outdoors short_hair starry_sky sunlit twilight // 2500x1476 // 6.4MB 1girl apparel:dress artist:adsuger bangs bare_shoulders brown_eyes brown_hair butterfly copyright:original glowing night outdoors short_hair signed starry_sky tagme // 1434x1591 // 331.4KB 1girl apparel:bowtie apparel:knee_highs apparel:loafers apparel:pleated_skirt apparel:short_skirt apparel:short_sleeves apparel:skirt apparel:sweater_vest apparel:uniform artist:adsuger bangs cat copyright:original depth_of_field holding_object night object:flute object:instrument object:streetlight outdoors shooting_star short_hair signed sitting starry_sky swept_bangs // 1145x2048 // 256.3KB 1girl animal_ears apparel:ascot apparel:coat apparel:long_sleeves apparel:open_coat apparel:skirt apparel:tights artist:haku bangs bird blue_eyes brown_hair bunny_ears character:amiya copyright:arknights depth_of_field glowing holding_object long_hair night outdoors ponytail sidelocks smiling starry_sky tagme very_long_hair // 2031x953 // 1.8MB 1girl apparel:belt apparel:bracelet apparel:frilled_sleeves apparel:hair_ribbon apparel:neckerchief apparel:sailor_collar artist:bowsan bangs barefoot blue_eyes blue_hair character:hoshimachi_suisei copyright:hololive frills glowing lightning_bugs long_hair night object:juice_box outdoors power_lines shooting_star sidelocks sitting smiling starry_sky very_long_hair vtuber // 1400x2000 // 4.7MB 1girl apparel:dress apparel:earrings apparel:frilled_collar apparel:frilled_dress apparel:hair_ornament apparel:long_sleeves artist:gotoh bangs blue_nails butterfly character:uruha_rushia copyright:hololive double_bun frills glowing green_hair open_mouth painted_nails red_eyes short_hair sidelocks signed smiling sparkle swept_bangs vtuber // 1708x2547 // 2.2MB 1girl apparel:dress apparel:earrings apparel:frilled_dress apparel:hair_ornament apparel:long_sleeves artist:kyamu bangs bare_shoulders bloom blush butterfly character:uruha_rushia copyright:hololive depth_of_field double_bun frills green_hair parted_lips red_eyes short_hair sidelocks teeth vtuber // 2394x4093 // 856.7KB 1girl apparel:hoodie apparel:long_sleeves apparel:pleated_skirt apparel:short_skirt apparel:skirt artist:konya_karasu_kou bangs blue_eyes blue_hair character:hatsune_miku copyright:vocaloid holding_object long_hair night object:umbrella outdoors power_lines rain reflection starry_sky twintails very_long_hair // 2500x2500 // 1.8MB 1girl apparel:hoodie apparel:long_sleeves apparel:pleated_skirt apparel:short_skirt apparel:skirt artist:konya_karasu_kou bangs blue_eyes blue_hair character:hatsune_miku copyright:vocaloid holding_object long_hair night object:umbrella outdoors shooting_star starry_sky twintails very_long_hair // 3782x2000 // 2.1MB 1girl apparel:detached_sleeves apparel:dress apparel:long_sleeves artist:sino bangs bare_shoulders character:uruha_rushia copyright:hololive double_bun green_hair indoors night object:chair object:desk object:flower one_eye_closed red_eyes short_hair sidelocks smiling starry_sky vtuber wink // 1920x1080 // 2.4MB 1girl ahoge apparel:hair_ribbon artist:hanamoto410 bangs blue_eyes blue_hair character:hatsune_miku copyright:vocaloid depth_of_field long_hair night starry_sky twintails very_long_hair // 2456x1548 // 2.9MB
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