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1girl apparel:long_sleeves apparel:scarf autumn autumn_leaves bangs drinking long_hair orange_eyes outdoors request:artist request:character request:source two_side_up white_hair // 2127x3026 // 3.6MB 1girl apparel:hair_bow apparel:hoodie apparel:jacket apparel:long_sleeves apparel:pleated_skirt apparel:short_skirt apparel:skirt autumn autumn_leaves bangs bat_wings bloom blurry_foreground dutch_angle hairband outdoors purple_hair red_eyes request:artist request:character request:source short_hair wings // 1326x2048 // 359.6KB 1girl apparel:cardigan apparel:frilled_dress apparel:hat apparel:long_sleeves autumn autumn_leaves bangs blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blurry_foreground braid dutch_angle frills gradient_hair green_eyes heterochromia long_hair outdoors painted_nails pink_nails request:artist request:character request:source sitting swept_bangs // 627x885 // 715.2KB 1boy 1girl apparel:shorts autumn autumn_leaves blonde_hair blurry_foreground brown_eyes brown_hair carrying long_hair outdoors pocky ponytail request:artist request:character request:source shoulder_carry wind // 4000x2250 // 2.7MB 1girl apparel:hoodie apparel:long_sleeves apparel:skirt autumn autumn_leaves blue_eyes blurry_foreground braid brown_hair outdoors request:artist request:character request:source short_hair wind // 848x1200 // 464.8KB 1girl agura apparel:detached_sleeves apparel:dress apparel:hat autumn autumn_leaves bangs bare_shoulders blonde_hair crossed_legs long_hair orange_eyes outdoors request:artist request:character request:source sitting // 1495x1600 // 292.2KB 1girl animal_ears apparel:long_sleeves apparel:pleated_skirt apparel:skirt apparel:sweater autumn autumn_leaves bangs bare_shoulders blue_eyes blurry_foreground drawn_ears drawn_tail drawn_whiskers fangs gao long_hair pink_hair request:artist request:character request:source tail twintails whiskers // 1254x800 // 1.1MB 2girls apparel:pleated_skirt apparel:sailor_collar apparel:serafuku artist:eringi_miso bangs blonde_hair blue_eyes brown_hair collarbone holding_hands long_hair request:character short_hair short_sleeves sitting swept_bangs uniform // 1960x2615 // 5.5MB 2girls animal_ears apparel:choker apparel:dress apparel:frilled_dress apparel:hair_bow apparel:hair_ribbon apparel:thighhighs apparel:wrist_cuffs apron bangs blue_eyes bow brown_hair cat_ears cat_tail frills grey_background kneeling long_hair maid maid_headdress paw_pose pink_eyes pink_hair request:artist request:character ribbon short_hair short_sleeves // 2079x2953 // 5.0MB 1girl animal_ears apparel:collared_shirt apparel:crew_socks apparel:long_sleeves apparel:pleated_skirt apparel:short_skirt apparel:sleeves_past_wrists artist:klii00 copyright:original pink_hair request:character sleeping uniform // 1697x3288 // 1.9MB