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white hair 

hair that is the color of snow or cotton.


1girl apparel:bowtie apparel:cardigan apparel:collared_shirt apparel:hair_clip apparel:long_sleeves apparel:pleated_skirt apparel:skirt apparel:sleeves_past_wrists apparel:sweater artist:km170 bangs blue_eyes clover copyright:original long_hair object:umbrella swept_bangs uniform white_hair // 1192x1700 // 398.3KB 1girl apparel:long_sleeves apparel:scarf autumn autumn_leaves bangs drinking long_hair orange_eyes outdoors request:artist request:character request:source two_side_up white_hair // 2127x3026 // 3.6MB 1girl animal_ears apparel:choker apparel:long_sleeves apparel:pleated_skirt apparel:skirt apparel:thighhighs bangs bare_shoulders black_nails cat_ears long_hair necklace painted_nails tagme very_long_hair white_background white_eyes white_hair // 847x1440 // 280.0KB 1girl animal_ears apparel:frilled_dress apparel:frilled_sleeves apparel:gloves apparel:tights artist:nam bangs bare_shoulders blonde_hair bloom braid character:suzuran copyright:arknights fox_ears fox_tail frills green_eyes hairband kitsune multicolored_hair multiple_tails sitting tail white_hair // 2680x3752 // 6.7MB 2girls animal_ears bangs blue_eyes brown_hair cat_ears character:chocola character:vanilla copyright:nekopara gradient_background red_eyes twintails white_background white_hair // 2224x1668 // 2.5MB 1girl apparel:collared_shirt apparel:dress apparel:hair_ornament apparel:long_sleeves bangs cat frills green_eyes hairband long_hair tagme white_hair // 3266x5000 // 5.1MB 2girls animal_ears apparel:long_sleeves apparel:pleated_skirt blue_eyes blush cat_ears tagme white_hair // 3008x4211 // 4.4MB 1girl apparel:cape apparel:hair_ornament apparel:long_sleeves apparel:sleeves_past_wrists artist:xia03400441 bangs character:paimon copyright:genshin_impact halo purple_eyes white_background white_hair // 3111x3375 // 2.3MB 1girl ? artist:chabatake_yunomi character:paimon copyright:genshin_impact halo looking_at_viewer object:pot white_hair // 1555x1836 // 733.9KB 1girl apparel:cape apple artist:tsukiman bloom character:paimon copyright:genshin_impact eating halo holding holding_food purple_eyes white_hair // 1447x2047 // 2.9MB 1girl >o< apparel:cape artist:ssorasora character:paimon chibi closed_eyes copyright:genshin_impact hamburger tears white_background white_hair // 938x1300 // 546.8KB 1girl apparel:cape black_eyes character:paimon copyright:genshin_impact frame halo white_hair // 2480x3508 // 3.4MB bangs blue_eyes blue_nails blush character:gawr_gura copyright:hololive highlights multicolored_hair painted_nails shark_costume shark_hoodie shark_tail vtuber white_background white_hair // 1157x1603 // 1.4MB bangs blue_eyes blue_nails character:gawr_gura claw_pose copyright:hololive highlights multicolored_hair painted_nails shark_costume shark_hoodie shark_tail sharp_teeth vtuber white_hair // 944x1400 // 1.4MB apparel:long_sleeves apparel:pleated_skirt bangs blue_eyes bow character:gawr_gura copyright:hololive highlights multicolored_hair running shark_tail two_side_up vtuber white_background white_hair // 2894x4093 // 2.1MB apparel:hoodie apparel:long_sleeves bed_sheet blue_eyes character:gawr_gura copyright:hololive highlights long_hair lying multicolored_hair object:plushie on_back oversized_clothing shark_costume shark_hoodie two_side_up vtuber white_hair // 4883x3930 // 8.9MB apparel:hoodie apparel:long_sleeves blue_eyes bubbles character:gawr_gura claw_pose copyright:hololive floating god_rays highlights long_hair multicolored_hair ocean oversized_clothing shark_costume shark_hoodie shark_tail sharp_teeth underwater vtuber white_hair // 6277x4817 // 13.9MB apparel:hoodie apparel:long_sleeves blanket blue_eyes character:gawr_gura claw_pose copyright:hololive highlights long_hair multicolored_hair oversized_clothing shark_costume shark_hoodie sitting two_side_up vtuber wariza white_hair // 2645x3357 // 4.1MB apparel:hoodie apparel:long_sleeves bloom blue_eyes character:gawr_gura copyright:hololive highlights lens_flare long_hair multicolored_hair ocean oversized_clothing shark_costume shark_hoodie shark_tail sharp_teeth stitches two_side_up vtuber white_hair // 5922x7228 // 17.1MB